The SHOCKING Reason Why Your Home Expired

Buyer's Can't Find It!

Meaning Buyer's Can't Find It

Dave McFarland here, Your local area Real Estate Broker. . . and in the next moment I‘ll reveal to you the #1 reason why your home didn’t sell with your past real estate agent.

I’ve been selling homes here in the Puget Sound area for over 23 years. . . and I’ve discovered some shocking facts.

Get this – the average agent only sells 3 homes a year, and makes about $19,827 a year.

That’s right, 3 homes sold a year and $19,827 a year.

Now folks, that’s not living the “high life!”

With thousands of homes for sale last year, MANY of them EXPIRED, meaning they did not sell.



Don't Get Locked Into Another Multi-Month Listing Contract!


What Happened?  Ask Yourself...

Did my listing have the following:

  • Drone Shot
  • Mini Website
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

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